The Calvary Chapel family is a gathering of people from all different kinds of backgrounds, traditions, and cultures for the expressed purpose of worshiping God. This motivates us to "work together to bring people into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ". We are a non-denominational congregation.

This vision is carried out each day on our campus, community and world. You are given the opportunity to;
  • Experience God through worship (Sunday Morning/Evening, 10:00 am; 7:00pm),
  • Equipped to be Christ like in discipleship (Holy Ground Café, Wednesday, 6:00 pm, dinner; 7:00 pm, Bible Study),
  • Encouraged through fellowship (multiple groups that gather weekly, monthly and throughout the calendar year)
  • Empowered with ministry and mission opportunities (children/youth ministries, Feed the Hungry Thursday lunch, prison ministry and many other creative outreaches).
We will work with you in choosing the next step. It's your choice where and when you go. Whatever you choose will be an experience that will uplift your spirits and give you strength for living the life God intends.

My wife Ruth and I look forward to getting to know you. Call the office and set up an appointment and together we will enjoy a cup of coffee
from Holy Grounds.

See ya around campus or in the Air
(1 Thessalonians 4:13-17)
Pastor Kevin

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